Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Morning Sunrise (#19/365)

This morning, I saw glimpses of pink in the sky just as I'd come downstairs to start making breakfast for my son. I ran upstairs to grab my D200 and slapped on my 55-200mm VR lens that I absolutely love.

Having lived in this house for almost a year an a half, I've seen several sunrises in my back yard. We live in a neighborhood where the houses aren't that close to each other and yards are comparatively large, which is what we were looking for when house shopping. Still, we only pretty much have a view of the neighbors yards and not much else.

I decided to grab the 55-200 to see if I could work with the sunrise, rather than complaining about not having the view we could've had if we'd bought one of the other houses with better views that we walked through when house shopping. I figured with the short telephoto I could isolate an element of the sky a little more and still capture the essence of the sunrise.

By shooting a vertical/portrait-oriented shot, I was able to isolate this small bit of sky hanging behind the trees, which I threw into silhouette. With the various shapes and sizes of the trees, I thought these elements were interesting enough to provide an anchor to the scene and perhaps a bit of scale.

I played around with a few angles, but this is the last shot I took and my favorite of the series. Maybe I'll post a few more, but this is my Project365 submission for today...

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