Friday, June 26, 2009

New "camera" -- again...

Well, actually, since my Sprint contract was up and I wanted an iPhone, I got one of those. I initially bought the cheapest 8-gig 3G version, but the day the 3GS came out, I took that back and got that one.

A week later, I finally am getting a chance to play around with the built-in camera and on-phone photo editing tools. Wow. Just. Wow...

Picnic Textures

I'm going to have to swap it, however, because as you can see in the top-right corner of this photo here, Apple's QC has... issues... I love my Macs, but this flaw in the brand new iPhone camera (only on my phone at least from what I've seen this far) is a bit frustrating...

iPhone Sunset

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Monday, June 22, 2009

They've finally taken my Kodachrome Away...

I'm a huge Paul Simon (and Simon & Garfunkel) music fan, and I'll probably admit that Simon's "Kodachrome" steered me at least a little towards Nikon when I was determining what camera company I wanted to buy into when converting to digital.

The Seattle Times reports today that Kodak has pulled the plug on Kodachrome. Now, there's only one place that develops it any more -- not exactly the one-hour processing that we can get with other films. But before you stock your freezer with any last rolls you may scramble to find, Dwayne's photo has only agreed to keep processing it through 2010.

I've never shot a roll, and it looks like I never will. Still, I'm a sentimental sucker and I'm a little saddened by this news.

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