Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday. (#21/365)

Thursday. (#21/365)
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Just a quick blog entry here to re-iterate what I put in the description field on the photo at Flickr.

This morning (Thursday morning, I mean - it's past midnight now, so technically it's Friday) was a griiind for me. Staying up late, being busy, has completely exhausted me. I've had commitments every night this week, and a pile of work to do on projects at home. Plus a few e-mails to catch up on and a whole bunch of other stuff.

So I'm tired. I'll be tired again in the morning, since I'll be up well past 1 a.m. yet again, and having to wake up when the alarm goes off in 5-6 hours.

I snapped this on my iPhone (typical) this morning just as I was arriving at work. I thought about putting my work building in the frame, but decided against it and tried to find a composition that worked. Actually this is probably the weaker of the two, but hey - once I select a Project365 shot, I'm not going to change it for better or worse.

It's all about light and texture here. I take a lot of these sorts of shots. Something intrigues me about bare tree branches in front of interesting skies.

And the sepia-tone reminds me of coffee. I'll certainly need my morning Starbucks tomorrow when I wake up. Likely another triple venti non-fat latte. Simple, yes, but when I stir in some cinnamon, it works. I don't really like syrups. So, tomorrow, at least I won't have to pretend I'm actually going to order something different. A V3N it will be.

In my personal cup...

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