Friday, January 22, 2010

Meters. (#22/365)

Meters. (#22/365)
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I walk around and over these pretty much every day as I pick my son up from school. Their number and arrangement fascinate me every time. I've wanted to make a high-contrast black & white shot of this, since it felt so "industrial" to me, and I associate the stark black & white contrast w/industrial type scenery. I used my typical recipe:

1) Open the image in Photoshop Mobile
2) Apply the black & white conversion
3) Apply the "Vibrant" filter
4) Apply the "Vibrant" filter again
5) Save the file
6) Open the file in BestCamera
7) Apply the Vignette filter
8) Apply the Frame filter

Then I threw on one more Contrast filter for added pop. Voila! There's my "secret" recipe...

The way I've composed this, I'm reminded of the baseball diamond. It's abstracted a bit, sure. Or maybe it's only clear to me because I'm such a baseball nut.

Maybe later in the Project365 I'll explore this again...

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