Sunday, January 24, 2010

Highway Evangelist (#24/365)

Kind of a busy day for me today. Actually, not "kind of" -- it was DEFINITELY busy. I slept in a bit as I'm wont to do on a Sunday, but got up later than I'd hoped since I knew it was going to be busy.

Made some coffee, grabbed a donut that I'd bought yesterday at the store, and then did a bunch of little things. After making and eating lunch quickly, we headed off to church for our son's First Communion class session. On our way to church, I saw this car driving on the freeway. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of it.

The sign said something like what the typical hardcore "repent!" evangelists like to say -- "Repent of your sins, or face judgment and terror when the Last Judgment comes!"

I guess that's one approach for sharing the Gospel. Doesn't sound like "Good News" to me...

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