Monday, November 03, 2008

Last Bits of Autumn...

I continue to be impressed with my little stash-in-the-car-so-I-can-always-have-a-camera-with-me Panasonic FZ-10. I went on a retreat recently, and since I was there as a musician, I didn't really have the lugging power to take my sizable (and heavy) camera bag with lenses along with my keyboard, hand truck, amplifier, and other stuff. Knowing I had my Panasonic in the car was good enough, as I didn't really expect to have much time to escape in the woods and take pictures anyway.

I did, however, have enough time to grab these shots. Yeah, I reduced the noise and adjusted both colors and exposure in Photoshop -- but nothing unusual. Having a background in film photography, it's something you always do in the darkroom anyway, so I don't feel guilty. I set the color setting on my camera to "warm" though on purpose, and my PS adjustments are there just to enhance my interpretation of the light quality and experience in this scene.

Click on the photos for larger versions (on my Flickr Account) and EXIF info...

Autumn Detail, 2008

Autumn Detail #2, 2008

My current desktop wallpaper:
Autumn Wallpaper 2008

Laying Down Resting my Head on a Log Amidst the Autumn Forest Floor

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