Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seriously, "iPhone-Tography" ROCKS!

I just added a link to a brand new web site I found via Flickr group - iPhone-Shots.com. While I'm sure Chase Jarvis probably gets credit for being the first big time pro to tout the iPhone as a legit photo tool, it's quickly developing a cult following as a tool that's fantastic for creating and editing awesome images.

My first 3Gs had a defect in the camera, which made me hesitant to judge it as a valuable tool. However, soon enough I got a replacement and now I can't resist using my iPhone as a powerful all-in-one photo tool. All it can't do directly on the device is print - and being a bit of an old-school photographer, there's still a part of me that believes a photo isn't finished until it looks good in print.

Not to worry - I've actually printed a couple of photos from my iPhone, and if I didn't know I shot the image with the iPhone, I wouldn't be able to tell which camera I shot it with.

Here are some more of my favorites - all taken and edited directly on the iPhone:

Rose Mallow 2009

Dahlia in the morning light - edited version

Dahlia on the patio 2

iPhone Infrared 2009 #1

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Blogger m a c c e n t e n o said...

shot by an i-phone! wow! looks really good! i thought you used a DSLR on this one.. i was impatiently reading. amazing photos..

12:17 AM  

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