Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mount Adams Wilderness, Labor Day 2005

Here are a few pix from my excursion into the Mt. Adams Wilderness area during our trip down to the Gorge during Labor Day.

Stump, Trees, Lava, Moss (Portrait)

Stump, Trees, Lava, Moss (Landscape)
Which one do you like better?

Natural Lava Bridge

I actually shot this photo in color, but I'll stick to the sepia theme. I like the "soft focus" effect in Picasa. It's a very useful tool!

Alligator Log

Lava, Moss, Wood

All pictures: Minolta Dimage s414, Sepia filter applied in camera, exposure unrecorded

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures are better off without the soft focus filter. Try enhancing the contrast in the first few. The ones at bottom are very nice. Keep it up.

11:15 PM  

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